• David Ramsey

YOGA Therapy for Neck and Shoulders

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Those of you who have taken classes from me have heard me say over and over again how important it is to cultivate equal effort and ease. To relax within the effort as we move through our poses and as we move through our daily life.

Well, true confessions of a yoga teacher...

In my excitement of working on our new yoga studio, I have completely overdone it! I vigorously and obsessively scraped walls and window panes and ceilings for several hours and ended up with a giant kink in my neck and woke up with numb arms and fingers.

So as always for me, the message is clear:


For any of you out there who carry your stress in your neck and shoulders or who sometimes have tingling in your fingers hands or arms (thoracic outlet syndrome), here is a short yoga therapy practice for loosening up the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

We often get out of balance,

then find balance,

then get out of balance…

and repeat the cycle over and over again.

With awareness and the tools of Yoga, we can practice self-care, and bring ourselves back into a state of equilibrium.

The Buddha said that either extreme is unhealthy for the mind and body, and that the middle way leads to peace and equanimity.

My constant practice is moderation or the middle path,

unfortunately my nature is "nothing in moderation".

What's a yogi to do?

Just keep practicing!

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