• David Ramsey

What If . . .

Day Six

So, what did you find? Where are you losing your power? To whom or what have you given your power? Who may have taken your power without your permission? What agreements have you made with yourself that you have not followed through with? This simple investigation, if you are willing to be honest with yourself, will reveal so much. So why do you think we would make agreements with ourselves and not follow through?

It is because we can only choose to be in agreement with change if we believe it is possible. And, you can only conceive of something in your life or your world if you can conceive of it being possible. This is where “The Secret” went astray. For those of you who do not know what "The Secret" is, it was a book, movie and movement that taught that we can manifest anything we want in our life. It popularized a great spiritual Truth - that we are the creators of our lives - and made it into "You can manifest the car or house or relationship that you want if you only just visualize it and put enough emotional desire into your vision."

You see, there is truth to this and so people connect to what is being said, but the problem is that there is more to it than these people are teaching. It is not the whole truth. So this teaching left many people hanging in limbo and quitting jobs because they thought if they just visualized hard enough their bank account would magically have a million dollars in it.

You see, most of us have many “transparent beliefs.” We view the world through these beliefs but we are unaware that we have or hold them, as if they were a pair of tinted glasses you didn't even know you were wearing. They show up with the feeling or vibration of “of course” or “ it is as it is.”

Some of the simplest transparent beliefs are "Money doesn’t grow on trees," or "It’s always been that way," or "Who do you think you are?" Most of us have so many transparent beliefs that it is no wonder we are unable to create the life we desire - we are creating the only life that we truly believe is possible.

Let's change some perspectives. Most of us base what is possible on our history. If that is the case, then we are limited in what we are able to create because we can only conceive of what is possible based on our past. What that means is that our present and possible future are being created in vibrational resonance with our past limitations and current beliefs. If that resonance is based in fear and not love we are creating now in agreement with fear from our past.

If you experienced a situation in your past, something that was traumatic to you, it does not matter what others think about that situation. To you it was hard and maybe even life changing, traumatizing. Now you could say you were the victim in that situation.

Let me ask you this - are you still a victim? Do you still live in the space and vibration of, "I am a victim"? If so you are informing everything you do, say, and are with being a victim. Right now, in this moment, that situation is in the past, and yet you are still creating in agreement to "I am a victim." What if you changed the perspective and agreed that you were victimized in the past but now, right now, you are not a victim. What would that mean to you? What could that mean to you?

I invite you to allow the possibility of seeing yourself in a new way. We can go back to the question of, "What I you want?" To get there we can begin to ask ourselves open-ended questions that start with the words "What if."

What if I knew what I wanted?

What if I was not a victim?

What if I asked for what I desired from myself and followed through?

What would I be like, sound like, dress like, act like if I created my life from the space and vibration of love?

What if Love could be both soft and firm?

What if Love could be both gentle and extremely strong?

What if I could begin to release my self-imposed limiting beliefs?

What might life be like for you? For the world?

What if . . .

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me.

I have been practicing Energetic Medicine for over 20 years now. What that means is I help people find their way back to Freedom and Wellbeing through the use of many different tools such as Energetic Healing and repair of our many different energetic bodies, Belief System identification and restructuring as well as Psycho-Spiritual Ecology and Spiritual Direction.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you are interested in a personal session or setting up a group class/workshop, let me know.



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