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Now is the Time

Updated: May 8, 2020

Day Four

Now is the time we need to drop into our Knowing, that part of us that feels what is right for us. Often we talk about it as our intuition. Each one of us has a connection to that part of us. Each one of us has a connection to that which is Divine in us, that Knows what is best for us,. Not thinks what is best. Not guesses what is best, but that Knows what is best for our growth.

What is it that you want? What sort of life do you truly desire? Look around you. Let's start with the easy stuff, the physical items that surround you. Are the “things” around you truly what you want to have in your life? Do the clothes that you are wearing feel good, do they support you or were they convenient? Starting with these items in your life is a great place to begin making conscious choices. Choices that feel expansive, that express and feel like love for yourself, and that support you in who you want to be. Yes, clothing can be just that!

At this moment in time, the Divine has put the brakes on humanity's world! At this moment we are have been halted by a virus that does not make distinction between race or religion or culture. If we are willing to look at it, we can see a higher aspect to what is happening . We have mentally, emotionally, and physically tried to disconnect ourselves, as humanity, from our world. (I say tried because there is, in truth, no way to actually disconnect ourselves from the world and that is being revealed to us right now.)

We are animals on this planet. Sure, we have access to “higher” thought processes than some of the other animals here, and the ability to access higher consciousness. But just the same, we are intimately part of this world. We have been operating under an illusion that we are separate, that we are better than the rest of the animals on the planet. We have even brought that illusion to humanity itself. Your skin is different and mine is better. Your language is different and mine is better. Your sex is different and mine is better. It goes on and on and on! What do you think this is about? An even better question is: What do you know this is about?

Let’s go back to thinking about vibration and resonance. If everything in this world is vibrating and that vibration or resonance moves outward from its center, that which it encounters in this world is going to either come into resonance (coherence) with it or there will be dissonance.

We each, each one of us, are also vibrating. Our bodies are vibrating. Our emotions are vibrations. Our thoughts (which include our beliefs and images of who and what we are as well as what we think the world should be) are vibration. Every thought and choice and action in this world that comes from each one of us is imbued with some level of fear or love. As we interact and have experiences here on this beautiful planet, we enter into agreements with our world based on these vibrations. That is to say, we are and act based on what we think and feel and believe we and the world should be.

As we move into our days, we encounter other things and people in this world. This might be in our own home. It might be on social media. It might be out and about at jobs and stores. We will come into some sort of agreement with everything we connect with. We will agree that a thing or person is okay or good (resonance), or we will agree that a thing or person is not okay or even bad (dissonance). As we go through this each day we will surround ourselves with those things and people that we resonate with, and we will create a life, to the best of our ability, that does not feel dissonant. One of the main reasons for that, and it starts at a very young age, is that we choose what feels safe. We choose what does not feel uncomfortable or threatening.

We all have a comfort zone. This is exactly what it sounds like - the space in which we feel comfortable. Some of us equate that space with safety. Some of us equate that space with neutrality. Some of us equate that space with not have to be challenged or to think of our world differently. And some of us have not felt safe for so long and have put up so many defenses that we are exhausted every day. We have invested so much of our energy trying to protect ourselves that to get out of bed takes everything we have. We need to get energy from something or someone else just to survive the day.

This is where and when we begin to create destructive behaviors, beliefs, and habits to get by. We begin to live in survival mode, and we rationalize it all away because to take a deep look at what we are doing would be to create a dissonance within . It would make us feel uncomfortable to look at ourselves that way, and we are already uncomfortable enough, so why would we want more?

If something inside you says you do want more, If something inside you feels like it is compelling you to ask why or what or how, then this is where the work can begin. It is time! We can begin to take that deep look at ourselves. It is time! We can begin to change our previous agreements we made with ourselves and the world and make new agreements in a love for who and what we see. It is time!

I will see you on the other side.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me.

I have been practicing Energetic Medicine for over 20 years now. What that means is I help people find their way back to Freedom and Wellbeing through the use of many different tools such as Energetic Healing and repair of our many different energetic bodies, Belief System identification and restructuring as well as Psycho-Spiritual Ecology and Spiritual Direction.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you are interested in a personal session or setting up a group class/workshop, let me know.



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