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If you want to Change the world . . .

Day Seven

. . . you must start with you.

The most important work that can be done for our world is the work of ourselves. You see, it is easy to keep projecting out on our world and say, "If only they would do this or that differently, things would be better." Something to understand in the world of consciousness and belief systems is that when something someone else does really bothers you and triggers you to react with negative emotion, it is because that thing exists in you. In some way there is a connection in your life that you believe should be different and you are triggered by another’s actions.

An example. You are supposed to meet a friend and they are late. Or a co-worker is consistently not on time and you get quite angry and frustrated. Maybe that co-worker's lateness does not even directly affect you, yet you still smolder every morning about the fact that they do not show up on time and you do. And when they do arrive to work or the meeting, they act like it is no big deal, what’s the problem. They say they are sorry but they never change. Now, your reaction of internal smolder and frustration is completely yours and comes from your perspective of your history. Maybe you had a parent that was consistently late to events that were important to you. Maybe that parent was didn’t make it to your events at all. It may have been a sibling or best friend growing up that you thought treated you like your presence or feelings didn’t matter to them. From that you have carried forward through your life a belief and expectation that to be on time equals value and to not be on time equals non-value.

I am not saying that people should not care about respecting each other by being on time. What I am pointing to is your emotional reaction. Do you feel a simple annoyance and go on with your day, or do you begin to have an internal dialogue that cycles around and around about respect and values and if only this or that were different? Is this a behavior that this friend or co-worker does consistently and you continue to expect them to act differently? If so, you are not actually living in this moment but are instead transferring and projecting your past onto them and the rest of the world.

Once you become aware of the fact that the only meaning something has comes from the meaning you give it, you can begin to let go of the need for your history to reinforce and dictate your present and expectations of the future. Really think about that. Let it sit in you for a little bit. Once you truly become aware of the fact that your agreements to hold onto your past (whether it is 20 years ago or 1 day ago) are imprinting your present and informing or coloring your view of your present, you have the opening of choice again!

To change the world, you need to be willing to see things differently! That is why self-work, the work of self-realization, is so important. What meanings have you put on this world? What perspective do you have? How have you agreed to see our world and why? This friend or co-worker… do you continue to expect them to act differently? Do you continue to have the same reaction and self-dialogue about the situation? Why do you think that is? Are you viewing them from the image of “The Victim?” What if their behavior was not about you and truly only about them?

Ok, so one last point about all this. Remember, we are all energy. We are all vibrating. Our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts are all energy and we are acting and reacting as this in our world. There truly is no separation between you and me. We are unable to extract ourselves out of this world and still exist. We are the world! Our resonance, whether from love or from fear, is informing the world around us. And we either come into resonance with those around us or there is dissonance. When we feel that dissonance we can ask ourselves, "what am I resisting here? What or where might I be placing meaning on my situation now that is reinforcing my past?"

Once we begin this process our choices for change and possibility open up. Our lives begin to change and so does our world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me.

I have been practicing Energetic Medicine for over 20 years now. What that means is I help people find their way back to Freedom and Wellbeing through the use of many different tools such as Energetic Healing and repair of our many different energetic bodies, Belief System identification and restructuring as well as Psycho-Spiritual Ecology and Spiritual Direction.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you are interested in a personal session or setting up a group class/workshop, let me know.



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