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First Things First

Updated: May 8, 2020

Day Two

The first thing we need to take a look at is fear. What are we afraid of that holds us back from what we want, what we desire in this life? What fears did we choose and what are the fears that were given to us by our caregivers, our tribe, our cultures, our societies? We see ourselves through these lenses and then project ourselves into this world.

You are in agreement with everything about your life. By agreement, I point to the fact that every choice you have made has brought you to this moment. You have agreed to wear the clothes you are wearing. You have agreed to work the job that you are working. You have agreed to be in or not to be in a relationship. You have agreed to be in relation to everything in your world by the choices you have made.

Now some will start to proclaim at this point, “But when I was a toddler I didn’t make those choices!” You are partially right, and you are also operating under a misunderstanding of who and what you are. The part of you making that exclamation is operating and saying that out of fear of taking responsibility for who and what you are now, today. Your Divine nature as who and what you are has chosen to come here and to have certain experiences to expand into a greater knowing of who and what you are. But a toddler is not reading this right now. You are. We need to look at why we are living through our fears and how to begin to change it.

Now, there is so much that goes into understanding this. There are layers upon layers upon layers to reveal to ourselves. So I want to start with a basic awareness of how we make choices. We make choices based on either Fear or Love. These are the best words we have at the moment to describe the experience of our lives.

Fear is state of being in which we pull away from experiences and people and go into some form of contraction. Fear is the space in which we want to move away from something or someone because of a perceived pain. That pain might be physical, it might be mental, it might be emotional. Basically, there is something we want or need to do, or some experience that is coming towards us and we do not want to experience it. We go into resistance and contract because we perceive something we do not want to experience.

Love is a state of being from which we are drawn or draw to us things and people that bring expansion. A place that you can be in and see the world from. A place that you can interact with everything from. This is not romantic love - that is an emotion and desire from our body. Romantic love is a verb, it is something you do. The Love that I am referring to is that which we can step into and feel what and who we are drawn towards, because it expands who we are and leads us into greater connection with the world.

Every decision you make and action you take as you are now comes from either of these two states of being. Some teachers will explain it in the concepts of Small Self (fear) and Higher Self (love), or Ego Self (fear) and Divine Self (love). If you are not experiencing a life that you want, then you have been making choices based from a place of fear and not love. The reasons for this can be myriad! To begin changing, we can begin asking ourselves simple questions to investigate.

Is this choice from Love or Fear? Do I feel drawn to expand from this decision or contract from it? What is one thing I can do today that feels expansive? The list can go on and on, but before we get caught in too many questions, we should look into the Why and How we started to make the choices we made.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me.

I have been practicing Energetic Medicine for over 20 years now. What that means is I help people find their way back to Freedom and Wellbeing through the use of many different tools such as Energetic Healing and repair of our many different energetic bodies, Belief System identification and restructuring as well as Psycho-Spiritual Ecology and Spiritual Direction.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you are interested in a personal session or setting up a group class/workshop, let me know.



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