• David Ramsey

Different does not mean Separate

Day 8

We are all one. I will say it again and again and again. We Are All One. We are connected through our bodies and through our minds and through our spirits.

As peoples and as cultures we have made some agreements out of fear that there is separation in this world. I do it all the time through the lenses of my conditioning. I was conditioned early in my life by my parents and then again by the community that I grew up in where all the families has similar views of the world. Then again I took on conditioning and beliefs from my country and religion and the culture around me, because I was taught to listen to what I was told or there would be trouble. That trouble could be a punishment from my parents or it could be a shaming or shunning from my tribe of friends. "Don’t leave the norm or you will be alone." This is the fear instilled in us very early on in our life.

One of the ways this comes through in our lives is the belief that if something is different it is separate. Difference equals separation. Your skin is different than mine. Your gender is different than mine. Your language is different than mine. Your food is different than mine. The list goes on infinitum. This belief is one of the really strong ones in all of us and we believe that it gives us permission to treat others in a way that suits our personal value system. If I believe or see anything as less than me, then I can treat it with actions indicating "less value." If I believe or see something as having more value than myself then I have internal permission to treat it as better than me. And if my internal value system agrees with my community as a whole, which is where morals are created, then I believe I am given even more right or power to do as I wish to whomever or whatever I am with.

Yet different does not equal separate. We are all of this same earth. We all come from the same basic building blocks that this whole universe is made of! This world, you, the trees, the animals (people included), the rocks, oceans, and air that you breathe are all so intimately connected, and yet we are for the most part unaware of that connection.

Think about it this way: you put something on your body, let's say a Bandaid. At first you are aware that it feels different; it feels separate as it is touching you. Then after some time, five minutes, hour later, maybe you completely forget that there is a Bandaid there. You are so intimately connected you forget that you are connected at all.

Now think about the air you breathe. It surrounds you constantly. Unless there is a quick temperature change, 99% of the time you never think about the fact that if it was gone you would be too.

What about skin? There are so many shades of skin it baffles me. Honestly I find it truly amazing! In your minds eye, think about taking pieces of skin of different color and put them under a microscope. What you will find is the same type of skin cells just with different pigmentation. Now, if we turn up the strength of the microscope what do we see? We see the same essential building blocks of life; carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulpher presenting themselves in different combinations to make up the same thing: skin.

You and I were created with and by the same basic building blocks of life. It doesn’t matter what color pigment you have in your skin or the gender you identify as - we all are from this same world. And that world is in constant vibration, what we could even call a continual song. We are all parts of the same song of this world and this universe that has been sung for millenia. There are so many parts to that song, and yet it is one song. To lose one piece, no matter how small, would make that song completely and absolutely different.

So I say again, different does not equal separate. The song of the world as it is right now is because of your part in it, and because you are intimately connected to everything and cannot be otherwise. If you were to try to separate yourself from the world, you could not. It is not possible.

If you would like to begin experiencing your intimate connection with this world, here is an exercise. Take a plant. It can be in your home or out in the world somewhere. Sit with this plant and think of extending your sense of self, your energy out to consciously connect with the plant. Now just be there with it. Notice that you are breathing the same air that it is breathing. As you breathe out, it breathes in. What you expel out as waste it takes in and then creates what you need to breathe to be alive.

Now slow down your thinking about this and feel this relationship. Really feel how intimately connected your life and the life of this plant is in this moment. Let this feeling extend out and be felt in your whole body, your whole being.If you do this exercise daily for five minutes, it will begin to change your perception of this world dramatically! You will begin to see how everything you encounter, everything around you, you are intimately connected to. And you will begin to see, possibly feel, that how you treat that which you think is separate from you, is how you are treating yourself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me.

I have been practicing Energetic Medicine for over 20 years now. What that means is I help people find their way back to Freedom and Wellbeing through the use of many different tools such as Energetic Healing and repair of our many different energetic bodies, Belief System identification and restructuring as well as Psycho-Spiritual Ecology and Spiritual Direction.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you are interested in a personal session or setting up a group class/workshop, let me know.



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