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An old building gets new love and is transforming into a community space for the health and healing of your body, mind and soul.

A vision realized

Taproot Yoga is the culmination of many years of dreaming, visioning, learning, practicing, and teaching. It began with David and my mutual love for learning and growing as individuals, then as a couple, and then as parents and a family. Our relationship and our own growth as humans has been a labor of love, hard work, but truly the most important work there is; to learn to be honest and compassionate with ourselves, each other and those around us. Our expertise is in different but complimentary disciplines; mine in Art, Psychology, Yoga and Ayurveda, and David’s in Religious Studies, Buddhism, Therapeutic Body Work and Energy Medicine. What we are both passionate about is integrating this knowledge and the practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and energy work into our own lives and using it to help others to achieve greater clarity, health, peace and joy in their lives.